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Flying Free-(kindle edition)
set a Reader's Digest Record for number of translations and number of condensed books sold!

          Flying Free is the story of my raising a female golden eagle from an "orphaned" egg, releasing young "Lucy" into a canyon on a 16,000 acre ranch where I lived near Amarillo, Texas, and staying in touch with the eagle through the 24 years of her life. An eagle's mind and behavior is similar to that of a dog, and our bonding was similar to human-dog bonding. The difference is, the eagle has 7 ½ foot wings, and a cruising speed of 60 mph that allowed her to roam a ten square mile territory. She would fly to me at my whistle, from as much as a mile away, and accept food from my hand, exactly like a puppy . . . but on the fly, at 60 mph. The Lucy/Dan eagle story is unique, at that time, ancient myth, and "expert" opinion claimed that since human raised eagles are human imprinted, they will never mate. Lucy shattered that myth when she took a mate, and raised 19 families during the 24 years we were "together".

         Flying Free is the story of Lucy having the best of two worlds: one wing in her wild eagle world, and the other in our human world.   Also, available on Kindle with 60 photos.

5 STAR  Amazon Review

My wife surprised me with Dan True's e-book, "Flying Free". I have thoroughly enjoyed every paragraph. I couldn't put it down. Read it straight through to the last paragraph into two in the morning. I don't know how True did it, but he turned his experiences with eagles into an unforgettable story. This book should be made into a movie. Please write a sequel.
Thank you, Ben Goldbaum

5 STAR Amazon Review

Mr. Dan True is a very dedicated writer and birds are his passion.  This is a true memoir of his time with one of the birds of pray he has photographed, studied and lived with.  This book will give you a few hours of easy reading and information you will enjoy.   I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan when he worked in Albuquerque, NM so when I can across this book, I had to read it.  thanks, Bruce

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