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BOOKS by Dan True

Flying Free--Kindle Edition with 60 full color photos--$2.99


    The day the female golden eagle was shot, Dan True was watching her nest from his blind. Driven to do something---anything---he rescued the two eggs she was sitting and transferred them to the nest of a neighbor’s hen. And he was there, excited as an expectant father, when one of them hatched!.  At first, he was reluctant to take on the job of eagle raising but the local federal game agent persuaded him to do it as an experiment to prove or disprove what many ornithologists claimed: that a people-raised bird---a human imprinted bird---could not be returned to a normal life in the wild.

   So begins the extraordinary tale of Lucy the eagle and her unusual relationship with Dan True. True acceded to the demands of the hungry eaglet, providing her food even as he worried that his interference might somehow affect the bird’s passage into adult life in the wild. The bird began to fly father away, to be gone longer, but always she returned. Then one day Dan sensed she was close to the time she could make it without him, to the day she would fly free.  FLYING FREE, a remarkable nature story written with humor and enthusiasm, will take its place alongside other classic accounts of the touching bond between humans and animals.  

Flying Free----Paperback edition

 Flying Free is the story of my raising a female golden eagle from an "orphaned" egg, releasing young "Lucy" into a canyon on a 16,000 acre ranch where I lived near Amarillo, Texas, and staying in touch with the eagle through the 24 years of her life. An eagle's mind and behavior is similar to that of a dog, and our bonding was similar to human-dog bonding. The difference is, the eagle has 7 ½ foot wings, and a cruising speed of 60 mph that allowed her to roam a ten square mile territory. She would fly to me at my whistle, from as much as a mile away, and accept food from my hand, exactly like a puppy . . . but on the fly, at 60 mph. The Lucy/Dan eagle story is unique, in that at that time, ancient myth, and "expert" opinion claimed that since human raised eagles are human imprinted, they will never mate. Lucy shattered that myth when she took a mate, and raised 19 families during the 24 years we were "together".

     Flying Free is the story of Lucy having the best of two worlds: one wing in her wild eagle world, and the other in our human world.

A Family of Eagles


  With the charm and enthusiasm possible only to the dedicated amateur, Dan True has written a genuinely remarkable story of one eagle family.  Their lifestyle proved an extraordinary revelation, and it is shared here, enriched by stunning and dramatic photographs.  The eagle's mating habits, territorial claims, nesting pattern, and pecking order are revealed in a clear and compelling writing style.  You will learn how an eagle deals with a predator who crosses the invisible borders of the family's hunting preserve, and you'll share in the struggle for the eaglet's survival. 

    When tragedy, in the form of a mindless killing, strikes the eagle family, witness first hand the touching mourning rite and ultimate commitment to nature's unswerving rule of life and procreation.  A FAMILY OF EAGLES is an unforgettable nature story that is as entertaining as it is informative.

Hummingbirds of North America


     Hummingbirds are perennially popular, and True, a pilot, amateur naturalist, and retired meteorologist, offers a good addition to this genre of bird book. He devotes almost half his work to discussing hummingbirds' habits, biology, migration, colors (including their remarkable iridescence), and photographing them, and he includes a lengthy chapter on how to feed these jewels of the bird world. The rest of the book has accounts of the 16 regularly occurring species with measurements, photos of both sexes, range, habits, habitat, and other life history details. True's text is full of anecdotes as well as references to the scientific literature. His terminology is unorthodox ("habitation" vs. breeding range; "specifications" versus measurements). Appended are state/provincial lists of expected species plus rarer ones, their periods of occurrence, and lengthy lists of favored flowers. Recommended for larger natural history collections.
- Henry T. Armistead, Thomas Jefferson Univ. Lib., Philadelphia

What Do Women Want From Men


   Wondering what went wrong with his marriage, Dan True asked 100 women of varying ages and professions 110 questions on how they feel about men in regards to virtually everything. Here are the women's candid comments about money, marriage, relationships, lying, anger, listening, sex, cuddling, bed partners, turn-ons/turn-offs, attitudes, expectations, and fantasies.  Dan True interviewed these women with an open mind. The women he interviewed were forthright and candid, with valuable insights for both sexes.  Dan True unravels just exactly what is on women's minds these days about men, from money, anger, and honesty, to sex and relationships.

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